Behaviour Matrix

KCI Behavior Matrix             

Code of Conduct  Expectations 
Show pride and spirit! 
  • Take Pride in your school.  
  • Be a willing participant. 
  • Be committed to teams, clubs, and activities. 
  • Be proud of your accomplishments and celebrate the achievements of others
Prepare for the tasks of the day 
  • Have materials and supplies ready.  
  • Keep work organized and neat. 
  • Have lunch/snacks during break time. 
  • Leave food and drinks out of the labs and gyms 
Apply themselves to their academic studies and to their school activities 
  • Work through the entire class.  Be aware of bell times – classes will run through the entire class. 
  • Be inquisitive and seek help when necessary. 
  • Complete all work on time. 
  • Take initiative. 
  • Listen attentively. 
  • Cell phones/Electronics may be used for educational purposes only. 
  • Record of adaptation forms will be filed 
Respect the rights of individuals and property 
  • Let your classmates learn. 
  • Be courteous. 
  • Address adults in the school by their title – Mr./Mrs./Miss 
  • Use appropriate language in the classroom. 
  • Dress, speak, & act appropriately 
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself. 
  • Treat property with care – no vandalism. 
  • Accept personal responsibility. 
  • Use garbage cans and recycle. 
  • Treat others respectfully – Bully Free. 
  • Classrooms are a hat free zone. 
  • Bandanas are not allowed to be worn at any time. 
  • Jackets and back packs should be stored in your locker and not worn in class 
Trust others in the Spartan Community
  • Be aware of the needs and concerns of others. 
  • Behave safely. 
  • Get to know the people around you. 
  • Share your thoughts with others 
Attend regularly and are punctual
  • Attend each class & RTI every school day. 
  • Arrive at class on time. 
  • Inform the office if you know you are going to be absent. 
  • Choose your break options quickly and clear the hallways. 
  • Arrive at your supervision stations on time 
Nurture each other to achieve success 
  • Accept that all individuals are unique. 
  • Encourage others to be involved. 
  • Include others in conversations and activities. 
  • Be a peacemaker. 
  • Encourage and support others. 
  • Compliment others 
  • Spartan Spirit cards filled out by staff. 
  • Positive Phone calls made home 
Seize the day (Carpe Diem) 
  • Encourage/practice positive risk taking. 
  • Be engaged and apply yourself. 
  • Maintain a positive attitude