• SRC Report for October 8, 2014

    This is the first SRC report of the year.  We will have a report every day 3 first period to keep you “in the loop”.

    • A big thank you to all who supported the Terry Fox School Run – KCI will be sending just over $1800.00 to the Terry Fox Foundation for Cancer Research! Also great job – SRC executive who set a goal of each bringing in $20 for the cause – they reached that goal and more.
    • The SHSAA provincial Cross Country meet was an awesome success! Thank you to all volunteers who helped make it so!  A special thank you to all volunteers who stayed to clean up!  That is true Spartan Spirit.  Many compliments came in about the volunteers at the event.  Thank you so much! We would also like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Kitchen for taking on the event and Mr. Patterson for letting us use the golf course.
    • Hats off to the SRC Executive members who have been attending meetings since August! They have been meeting every Monday at 7:30 until 9, on Day 2 and Day 5 – trying to get some new ideas events and running the events we have had so far.  Did you know that they have job evaluations?  The first one will happen after Thanksgiving.  We are rebuilding our leadership team.  We will discuss attendance at meetings, and general participating in events and event planning, team building, communication.
    • The magazine fundraiser is on! This is the big fundraiser that supports all student activities in our school.  That includes sports, all clubs, assemblies, awards both extra-curricular and academic, all of the fun things we do – such as ice-cream for everyone – prizes, Dances, etc.   If you are in extra-curricular activities – you are expected to sell at least 3 magazines.  Everyone is expected to sell at least one.  Please just take the catalogue home.
    • Here are the prizes that will be up for grabs – for the draws after the campaign is over……………iPad mini/case, soda stream/syrups, keurig/coffee/drink selections, art basket (art supplies), sports basket, candy basket, movie basket, car basket, grad basket, winter basket, techie basket, rider basket, his and her baskets.  The baskets will be filled with fun items related to the theme!

     Remember you only need to sell two magazines to get draw slips to win.  There are also two mystery draws – for $50 each. So make sure you sell at least one magazine every collection day.

    Next collection day is the Wednesday after the long weekend.  This is the biggest opportunity to sell magazines.

    • School clothing – we will have a line up available by the end of next week………………..
    • Discussion items ? Halloween Dance???   Incentives for magazine campaign – if we reach our goal???? Lazer Tag?  Football team fashion show is always a hit?  Karaoke by some group? Pillow fights? Wake-a-thon if we go past the goal????? We would like some ideas????? Grads do an airband????????????  Last year our grads challenged the grade 5’s.  We would like some ideas?
    • Remember YOU are the SRC – we need your ideas. Please pass them on to the reps in your grade!